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What is the Telegram?

Terlegram is the new one messanger we will use. But unlike the others it provides qualitative API for development bots for it. Besides the project team of the Terlegram supplies clients for your PC and mobile devices. Terlegram is stable, reliable and fast.

Why do we need the Telegram?

In general because of the same reasons as the jabber is.

Why is exactly the Terlegram?

Jabber is outdated and has some problems with the suitables clients. The Terlegram is good and young. Moreover our developers team of Telegrams bot untiringly works on improvement of the interface.


  • Go to and download the client for your mobile device or PC.
  • Install client.
  • Register in the Terlegram (helper in the client will explain how to do it). You can install program on your mobile device (PC also is recommended).
  • Open GC Portal (better to open link from your PC) and click link Telegram in navigation panel.
  • Click "Get PIN-code" and follow instruction on page.
  • If bot welcomes you than everything fine and you'll be able to get the broadcasts.

What the bot can do?

Now it can do not so much. It can send the broadcasts to you and reply on short list of commands wich you can get by typing /help