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Preparation part

DONT PANIC!!! Just take it slow and make sure you read everything below carefully and step by step

Before renting system(s), CEO must register on in order to access our billing system.

Step 1.1. Registration.

After registration is completed, please login and on the dashboard(desktop) you will see "Rent & billing" icon.

Step 1.2. Registration.

Open it by clicking "Rent and Billing" and select tab "Corporation", then select tab "Options" and select acceptable pay period for rented system(s): 7, 14 or 30 days. This will be your billing period, so choose wisely.

Step 2. Corporation options.

Rent request

After selecting the payment period, please proceed to "Solar systems" tab and select systems you wish to rent. The available for rent systems are displayed in green and rented systems are displayed in blue colors.

Under "Table view" tab, there are 2 buttons "+" and "-", those buttons open up applications to rent or unrent a system. Once you submit an application to rent a system(s), the rent manager will review it and approve/decline it.

Step 3.1. Creating of rent request.

Once the rent application has been approved, you will become our official renter and a bill will be created under "Documents" tab. Congratulations :)

Step 3.2. Viewing rent request document.

Bills and Payments

Upon confirmation of the rent request, "Rent and Billing" will automatically create a bill. Please pay the bill by double clicking it (instructions how to pay will be displayed there).

Step 4. Viewing bill document.

Once you paid the bill (our system will automatically check it), you will need to apply to join Shadow of xXDEATHXx alliance in game (unless you have your own Alliance). Please poke one of the rent managers (by double clicking the bill and sending a message in the text box below) to speed up the process of accepting your application into alliance. Once your application is accepted, you will begin a 24 hour transition into alliance as per normal game mechanics.

All your future bills will appear in "Rent and Billing" under "Documents - Bills" tab according to the selected billing period. Only CEO can rent and unrent systems, but any Corp Director (who is registered on dashboard) can check and pay bills.

All bill payments must be made from the corporation wallet to the account of the corporation "Legion of xXDEATHXx Support". Make sure that you include in the "Description" field Payment id from the bill.

Useful information

  • All documents (requests, bills, etc) have cool feature - chat. CEO and directors may ask all their questions directly in documents. For example, CEO want to speed up acceptance of his corporation in alliance. All that he heed to do is open rent request document and write "HALP! I want be in alliance faster."