SRP (ships reimbursement)

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We have a reimbursement program for pilots who fly rare ships in our fleets:

  • dictors (ru) and heavy dictors;
  • logistics (ru);
  • Command Ships (regular and tech3 variants);
  • Recons and tech3 variants: Arazu, Lachesis, Huginn, Rapier, Loki, Proteus;
  • Capitals lost on a CTA;
  • Super-Capitals lost on a CTA.


In order to receive a ship from the alliance, you must register on GC Portal. After a pilot registers, he will receive access to the SRP application. Short instructions:

  1. The application will accept only a External Kill Link;
  2. Click SRP link in navigation panel;
  3. Copy and paste External Kill Link in form and press Send button;
  4. If you are successful, you will see your request on one of tabs;
  5. As soon as one of the officers starts the review process of your request, the request's status will change to "Under consideration";
  6. Depending on the officers decision, the request will be updated with the following status:
    1. Rejected;
    2. Accepted, with a ship being contracted to your character;
    3. Accepted with ISK value paid out to your character's wallet;
  7. If you are unhappy with the decision, you can contact a reimbursement officer and discuss it with him, providing the ID of your request.

Reimbursement request conditions/requirements

Honorary Reimbursement Officer Astarta Atrax doing her job (2012)
  1. Your ship's fit should match alliance fit standards for that ship. Recons can have faction webs/disruptors and those will be included in the reimbursement;
  2. Your loss must be part of a fleet operation(CTA) or roaming - ships lost in a solo fight or due to lagging behind a fleet (or travel), wont be reimbursed;
  3. In cases where the total reimbursement amount is larger than the alliance reimbursement equivalent, you will receive the alliance approved amount. In other words, if your ship has too many faction modules, then you won't get a full reimbursement;
  4. When submitting a capital killmail for reimbursement, please specify the amount of insurance you received for it from SCC. Otherwise, you will be denied reimbursement.