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General Information

Contracts are performed and accepted only by X.I.X Supply


Betty Bel(EN/DE)

Ingame - Aibara / Discord - Luke#1865 (RU/EN)

General rules

  • Courier contract should be set to X.I.X Supply corporation;
  • Maximum volume: 340 000 m3 (for Jita max volume is 120 000 m3 and price should not exceed 1.5kkk, or 60000m3 with no limit in price);
  • All ships should be packaged;
  • Contract expiration and days to complete time should be 14 days;
  • Contract will be processed when a freighter is fully loaded but no longer than 14 days</u>. For a fully loaded freighter contract will be processed in two days.;
  • No collateral;
  • Courier is not liable in case of freighter suicide loss, your stuff won't be reimbursed.
  • Not allowed any reactions in courier contract (Thanks to CCP)


  • Incoreectly created contract - penalty is 50kk for X.I.X Supply;
  • penalty is 50kk for X.I.X Supply if it contains any containers

Stations and prices

  • Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant <-> YF-P4X - DICHSTAR 3 - 1500isk/куб
  • YF-P4X - DICHSTAR 3 <-> UALX-3 - Legacy of a Keepstar - 100isk/куб
  • Minimal contract price = 10 000 000 Isk

How to make a contract