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1. General duties of every pilot

  1. Be respectful to all other pilots, especially to pilots of your alliance. Do not cause troubles; do not try to abuse alliance rules for you own profit.
  2. Do not try to find gaps in rules to avoid following them. In case of ambiguity alliance leadership will resolve it by interpreting the rules according to situation.
  3. Pilot has to be registered with the main character:
    1. In Discrord
    2. In Teamspeak
  4. Pilot has to list all his characters in Portal, without exception.
  5. Pilot always has to be online in Discord.
  6. Pilot always has to be in the alliance secure channel ‘rmt-ruins’, follow its rules and help it actively, by providing intel about neutrals.
  7. Pilot always has to follow alliance skill plan to master required ships and doctrines. The plan is published on the Portal.
  8. Pilot obligatory has to participate in CTAs. In case of being late pilot should find an opportunity (titan bridge, fast ship, e.t.c.) to catch up and participate in CTA. Due to ship losses on the move are not SRPed, pilot should chose the safest way to catch up.
  9. In case of problems or question pilot should contact his corporation directors.
  10. In case pilot feels that his corporation directors are not active and do not resolve his problems, he may and must move to another corporation with active directorate.
  11. Pilot should solve all the conflicts peacefully through the directorate of his corporation. Friendly fire is forbidden. In case of friendly fire corporation of the aggressor will compensate double the price of destroyed assets.
  12. All the pilots are forbidden to start and to participate in dramas in all the alliance communication channels (Teamspeak, Discord, in-game channels). Starting RL political disputes will result in warning for the first time, and in kicking and black listing the pilot from alliance the second time.
  13. Every pilot should try to be helpful to other alliance pilots, especially to the new ones.
  14. Every pilot which is in the alliance for a period over 1 year should have a carrier/dreadnought and FAX. After that it is highly recommended to pursue obtaining combat supercarrier/titan. Super/titan and FAX should be two different accounts.
  15. Pilot is forbidden to be an idiot or an egocentric parasite. To be both at once is definitely forbidden.

2. General corporation duties, duties of CEOs and corporation directorate

  1. Directorate should monitor compliance to the paragraph 1.3 of the rules through the Portal. In case a pilot does not comply – he should be dismissed from the corporation.
  2. Corporation should select a representative with the maximum online presence for solving alliance level problems, and make sure that he gets appropriate Discord role. Discord role should be requested from alliance leadership.
  3. Corporation directorate should monitor member’s activity and kick inactive members, pure ratters and pilots, who didn’t login during the latest 6 month.
  4. Corporation directorate should solve problems of their pilots.
  5. In case there is a problem that cannot be solved on corporation level, directorate should contact a corresponding person from alliance leadership.
  6. Corporation directorate is obliged to react ASAP on conflicts involving they pilots. First action should be extinguishing the drama.
  7. In case of classical AWOXing, corporation should reimburse all the losses, according to zKillboard.
  8. Corporations should be actively recruiting.
  9. Corporations inactive for 3 month will be kicked from the alliance.
  10. A corporation with less then 3 pilots active and not increasing during the last 3 month should be either merged into a bigger and more active one, or leave the alliance.
  11. Every corporation should have a number of supers/titans on CTAs, according to its size:
    1. Less then 50 pilots – at least 3 supers/titans
    2. More then 50 pilots, but less then a 100 – at least 5 supers/titans
    3. More then a 100 pilots – at least 7 supers/titans

3. Rules of recruiting new pilots and pilots transfers between corporations within the alliance

  1. Every recruited pilot should have at least one combat specialization – logie, DPS, dictor, e.t.c. Recruiting fully non-combat pilots, i.e. "I will be building ships, but I don’t like PvP", should be coordinated with alliance leadership. Recruiting such pilots without coordination with leadership is strictly forbidden. If a fact of such a non-coordinated recruitment is uncovered – recruited pilots should be kicked immediately.
  2. If during recruitment of afterwards it is found that a new pilot does not know basics of the game (terminology, basic piloting, how to use titans for bridging, basic fleet commands, e.t.c.) – the pilot should be taught within the corporation or should learn in alliance academy – NEXT FORCE.
  3. Every pilot before joining the corporation should login on a special Portal page. Recruiter should check the data of the new pilot and in case everything is fine accept the pilot into corporation or right away make sure that the pilot is accepted into NEXT FORCE alliance academy.
  4. After joining new recruit immediately should follow paragraph 1 of this rules. He gets access to academic channel in discord, gets a "recruit" sign in Teamspeak, and also is obliged to participate in at least 8 fleets registered in EFM per month.
  5. Transfers of pilots between corporations within the alliance are forbidden before reasons clarification in directorate channel in discord. The exception is when pilot’s corporation leadership is not active and is not responsive.

4. Looting rules

  1. Looting before the fight is not over is forbidden. Looters are punished by FC by being primarried. It should be requested from the fleet FC, when looting may start. In case a fleet does not have an FC this rule in not applicable.
  2. A pilot should not loot or salvage ships, if he did not participate in the fight.
  3. Loot and salvage from citadels, destroyed during alliance CTAs and OPSes should be delivered to corporation Legion of xXDEATHXx Support.
  4. FC has the final decision in splitting the loot in his fleet, except for the paragraph 4.3.
  5. In case FC does not care about loot split, then "first come – first serve" rule is applied with respect to paragraphs 4.1 and 4.2. However, pilots are encouraged to priorities using loot to reimburse lost ships.
  6. Anchoring of MTUs is only allowed after confirming it with the FC.

5. Ratting rules

  1. Ratting and running sites is allowed in all systems with the alliance TCUs, except for the systems, listed in 5.2.
  2. List of systems, given to our allies (including rented systems) where any activity is prohibited: rented systems.
  3. All the systems, except for the paragraph 5.2, are used by everyone. No system is attached to any corporation of the alliance. All alliance pilots may run sites and rat in any of the alliance systems.
  4. An anomaly or a site is treated as occupied, if there is a ship, which is capable to run it. Thus, you can’t occupy an anomaly with a frigate. In case of simultaneous warping in of several ships, higher rank ships have priority. In case ships are of the same rank – pilots should peacefully solve the problem without starting dramas. In case there is no NPCs left in anomaly, then the anomaly is treated as occupied if there is a ship capable of salvaging and looting the field. Thus, wrecks field after anomaly is treated as non-occupied, if there is no one on grid.
  5. Putting mobile disruptors on gates, creating container fields to decloak ships and other actions, which makes navigation difficult, are forbidden for pass-through systems.
  6. Anchoring ESS is allowed, but its owner should compensate any losses due to non-shared extraction from it (neutrals attacks). Killing friendly ESS is forbidden.
  7. MTUs are only allowed in anomalies, occupied by you, or with the permission of another pilot, occupying the anomaly. Any MTU, which owner is not present in anomaly and does not respond in local chat within 10 minutes might be destroyed.
  8. Trolling or any attempts to push pilots out of the system by intentional occupation of anomalies with ships that finish them slowly is forbidden. Choose your targets to not obstruct other pilots. Remember, that VNI can do Hubs as good, as Sanctums, while carriers and Supers do Sanctums better. Choosing appropriate anomalies will prevent unnecessary conflicts.
  9. It is forbidden to name a system "your own" for ratting just because of elitism flourishing. In case such an elitism flourishing is found and proven – "elite" corporation has to pay 10b fine.
  10. It is highly recommended to have cyno and ozone on ratting ships and to be in Standing fleet. It is highly recommended to join responses to incoming threats, organized in Standing fleet.
  11. Carrier/Super ratting is forbidden in case pilot does not have combat ship of corresponding rank and in case pilot is not a member of the corresponding group. Also, super pilot should always have FAX alt ready to jump to save his ratting super.

6. Mining and industry rules

  1. All Custom Offices in the alliance space should be transferred to Legion of xXDEATHXx Support without their costs compensation. Tax should be set to 0% for the alliance. In case of refusal to transfer or non-zero tax, Custom Office destruction will be authorized by alliance leadership. Unauthorized destruction of Custom Offices is forbidden.
  2. In case your Custom Office is in blue Sov, it should be transferred to the TCU owner with the compensation of cost according to Jita price.
  3. It is allowed to mine any mining anomaly in any of the alliance systems, except for those listed in paragraph 5.2.
  4. Moon mining is allowed only on moons with your corporation’s citadels, or if you’ve made an arrangement with the owner of a citadel on a corresponding moon. In case of violation all the mined ore or its ISKs equivalent should be transferred to the owner of the citadel.
  5. For all the systems from the list "Ochre" rule is applied. It states, that Ochre and Dark Ochre should be mined first in Colossal and Enormous mining anomalies, regardless of the used ship types. At first ask what mining anomaly must be mined. Do it in local chat, Teamspeak or Standing fleet chat. It is forbidden to move to another mining anomaly, while the current one is not finished except situation when whole collective don't mind. Mining of Mercoxit allowed in any time.
  6. Every rorqual should have cyno and PANIC fitted and should have enough ozone to light the cyno.
  7. Selling supers or titans to other alliances should be authorized by alliance leadership. Unauthorized deals are forbidden.

7. Citadels anchoring and configuration rules

  1. Astrahuses, Fortizars, Raitarus and Azbels are allowed to be anchored in any alliance system without limitation.
  2. Refineries are allowed to be anchored in all alliance systems, except for those listed in the paragraph 5.2.
  3. Unauthorized anchoring of Sotiyos and Keepstars is forbidden. Such an installation should be approved with the alliance leadership. In case of unauthorized anchoring of a Keepstar or a Sotiyo – it should be transferred to Legion of xXDEATHXx Support without compensation of its cost. In case of the refusal to transfer, the citadel will be destroyed.
  4. All the citadels should be opened for dock to allies. Access list is available in in-game channel gc.acl (list !ALL BLUES IMPORTANT: DOCK).

8. About CTA

  1. A fleet is considered to be a CTA fleet in case there is a broadcast about it in the CTA channel in Discord.
  2. Test server CTA is as important, as TRANQ CTA. Broadcast about CTA on Test is sent as usual, except that it specifies, that CTA is on a Test server.
  3. All CTA fleets should be posted to EFM and should be shared with Karer II character.

9. Alliance moons

  1. List of alliance moons is available on the Portal for directors and CEOs of corporations. Available moons are marked as belonging to the Legion of xXDEATHXx alliance.
  2. First 50 moons based on their profit are distributed to the most active corporations of the alliance. It is not allowed to anchor citadels on these moons without authorization from alliance leadership. All the other available moons from the list might be taken without limitations. Important! Due to mineral prices are changing, moons might change their status. Considering this, moons re-distribution is done once every 3 months.